Patient Advisor and Active Signposting

Patient Education area The Light

This is a full day module (6 hours) with two course facilitators.

The session is aimed at anyone who is interested in becoming a Patient Advisor for their service. Previous delegates have included receptionists, health care assistants, administrators and Practice Nurses.

Course materials, certificate of participation and refreshments are provided.

The word health is derived from the old English word ‘hælþ’ meaning wholeness, a being whole, sound or well. This signals that health concerns the whole person and his or her integrity, soundness and wellbeing. We passionately believe that there is more to health than medical intervention and so have developed training, toolkits and resources to support in the implementation of ‘Patient Advisors’ in a primary care setting.

Patient Advisors works alongside the primary care clinical team to provide patients with the knowledge, confidence and support to self-care. We actively encourage the appropriate signposting of patients into other, often more relevant, services.

Course contents:

  • Patient Education – defining ‘health’, exploring key PHE campaigns and outcomes
  • Partnership Working – co-creation and ownership with your patients, how to engage and influence
  • Understanding data – using the PHE Fingertips platform and looking the data you can gather from your practice/service
  • Working with communities – developing a sense of community in your practice/service and creating a Community Service Directory.
  • How to effect change – understanding the Kubler-Ross change curve, exploring the drivers for behavioural change and developing the patient contract
  • Your role – adopting a consultative role as a Patient Advisor, communicating your role to peers and stakeholders, developing a patient pathway for your practice

In addition to the traditional PowerPoint slide deck, we use videos, case studies, scenarios and break out activities as part of our sessions to deliver maximum engagement from participants.

The practical exercises used as part of the Patient Advisor: Care Navigation module helps individuals to develop skills, ability and confidence. Using the course material and handouts we aim to empower delegates to return to their practices with all they need to drive a successful implementation of the Patient Advisor role.


Optional Implementation Support

We understand from experience than implementing changes to services can be a challenge away from the classroom environment. To help you in embedding the role of Patient Advisor in your service OneWorkforce can offer optional Learning Support Sessions. Facilitated at your workplace or at a OneMedicalGroup location, the sessions take place at the end of month one and month three, and will explore challenges, barriers, successes and solutions as part of the implementation process.

An established OneMedicalGroup Patient Advisor will be present at the month 1 Support Session to share their experiences and to share best practice from across the country.

Implementation Learning Support Sessions contents;

  • Review implementation progress for each delegate

Each delegate will be offered the opportunity to talk about their progress to date (participation optional)

  • Explore challenges and develop solutions in Activity Learning Sets (ALS)

Using ALS we will discuss the challenges and develop solutions to drive action, setting SMART objectives.

  • Networking and Presentation skills training to support building new relationships

In the second session we build confidence and ability to help develop relationships with new stakeholders

  • Guest speaker(s)

Providing key local community service providers with an opportunity to talk about their services and how we can work collaboratively to deliver better patient outcomes


To discuss availability for us to facilitate this course at your workplace, or to view open sessions which are available for anyone to book and attend click here.