Recruitment Skills


Duration: 4 hours

Includes all course material and certificate of participation.

Attracting, recruiting and retaining top talent is becoming ever more important in healthcare. This module is designed to help recruiting managers refine their skills in creating effective job descriptions, designing eye catching adverts and choosing the right recruitment process ahead of selecting the best candidate for the vacancy. This session is designed to meet the needs of managers who are new to the recruitment process as well as experienced managers who are looking for tips on how to improve of refresh their existing recruitment strategy.

The highlights of this module:

  • Understanding the importance of a detailed job description
  • Essential and desirable criteria
  • Creating an advert that stands out
  • Effective recruitment and selection methods
  • Know how to screen and short list job applicants
  • Fail to plan, plan to fail – preparing for an interview
  • Developing effective questioning techniques to structure interviews
  • Active listening – are you really paying attention?
  • Learn techniques to assist you in making the final decision
  • The induction – creating a lasting impression


Don’t just take our word for it;

Practice Manager, Leeds, Yorkshire
“Enjoyable and very informative session!”
Jan 2017

Service Manager, Leeds, Yorkshire
“Enjoyed going through the session and learning new things”
Jan 2017

Head of Patient Services, Berkshire
“Excellent session all round. Really enjoyable and interesting”
Feb 2017

Office Manager, Reading
“Enjoyed the course very much. Learning and having fun at the same time!”
Feb 2017

Business Manager, Sheffield
“Very interesting and thought provoking”
Feb 2017

Finance and Data Manager, Derbyshire
“Excellent course, very helpful”
Feb 2017

Office Manager, Yorkshire
“I found this session really helpful, especially as we are currently considered our recruitment processes for the future. Thank You”
Feb 2017

Area Business Manager, Yorkshire & Humber
“Even as an experienced manager I found this session to be a great refresher, thanks”
Feb 2017

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